A Confession, and a New Posting Schedule

OK, it’s confession time here at the Tools For Real Estate blog.  I was horrified this morning when I logged on and realized it’s been over a month since my last post.

This is truly insane, because I think of things I want to post on here pretty much every day, but something seems to come up, another day goes by….  If you’ve been in real estate any length of time you know exactly what I mean, which is why when I created an email newsletter service for agents I knew it needed to be completely done for them or it would never go out consistently.

(I figured if it would work for someone like me, it would work for anyone, and fortunately I was right. :))

So I’m following my friend Greg Perry’s lead on his 425 Realty blog.  Every week he does an Inspiration Monday post, in addition to all of his real estate posts.  I think by attaching a topic to a day it might be easier to actually cough something up on the blog instead of just thinking about it.  So here’s the schedule I’m working on:

  • Marketing Tip Monday
  • Newby Tuesday (tips for new agents)
  • Web Tip Wednesday
  • Be Thankful Thursday (off topic, but about things that help us keep perspective in life)
  • Home Photo Friday (tips on preparing, taking and editing home photos)
  • And no commitment over the weekend.

OK, this is a BOLD public statement, people, for someone with a blog posting history like mine!  I’m going to commit to this for a month, and we’ll see how this goes.  I’m all about finding solutions that actually work and get implemented, so if for some reason this turns out to be undoable for me I’ll be back with a report and another solution.

For starters though, I’m going to retroactively post the articles I was thinking of for this week.  I hope you enjoy them!

Irene Nash

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