Google Interior Views – Is This For Real?


Oops – this WAS a joke, fortunately, as graciously pointed out by the nice people on Active Rain.  I left it up as a reminder to always double-check info before you publish! 🙂

This morning I ended up on the Diverse Solutions dsListingExpress website and saw something that seriously made me think I was reading a joke – except apparently it’s for real.

Diverse Solutions was explaining how for their new dsListingExpress service they’ve been working with Google on providing Google Street View and Google Interior Views.   Here’s how they describe Google Interior View:

They (Google) have been “cataloging photos of property interior views from various sources and associating them with a particular parcel.”

Fine.  So far I’m assuming that the interior photos come from previous listings of the properties.

“In some locations they have started to employ companies to discreetly take photos of the interiors without disturbing the occupants.”

Say what?  Is it possible that Google, or one of their henchmen, might actually take photos of the interior of my home while I live there, without my knowledge?

Can you see why I thought this was a joke?

Try this:

When you Google “Google Street View” (in quotation marks) you get over 5 million search results.

When you Google “Google Interior View” you currently get 2 (yes, just two) search results.  Same for “Google Interior Views”, although they’re different results.

So either no one knows about this yet, or it’s a joke.  Please tell me it’s a joke.

Your thoughts?  Am I missing something here, or is this as intensely creepy as I think it is?

Irene Nash

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