Have You Tried Eyejot Videos for Real Estate Marketing?

eyejot-perry1Eyejot is a cool real estate marketing tool that agents can use for sending short video messages via email.  My friend and colleague Greg Perry (a self-made techie and one of the first local agents to become a powerful blogger) pointed it out to me a few months ago, and I just noticed what a great job he did of branding himself on his Eyejot page.

Click the graphic on the left to see his profile on Eyejot, and I highly recommend checking out this video about the Home Buyer Tax Credit deadline that he is sending out to his real estate clients today for an idea of the type of useful videos you could create.

Eyejot has a free option, and their premium option that allows longer videos and more branding is around $99 per year.  Check out Eyejot’s membership options here.

Irene Nash

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