Home Photo Friday – Edit Photos for Free with Paint.net

Those of you who are following my new posting schedule will have noticed that I slipped up over the last few days – thus, Friday’s post happening on Monday.

However, considering that earlier I went months without posting a word, hey – this isn’t too bad. 🙂

Since nearly all home photos need to be edited, especially for brightness, I wanted to tell you about a free photo editing software called Paint.net.  You can download Paint.net for free, and it’s a good replacement for software like Photoshop Elements that you would normally buy.

(I actually own and love Photoshop products – but the point here is that Paint.net is free.)

Give it a shot – it probably has far more features than you’ll actually need, so remember to keep things simple.  (No need to use the layers feature if you don’t need to.)

Irene Nash

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