Update on the Blog Posting Schedule

It’s been 6 weeks since I launched my ‘daily topic’ theme for blog posts as a strategy for posting on this blog regularly.  As some of you have noticed, I was cruising along pretty well until December 31, when I inexplicably fell off the wagon.

OK, not completely inexplicably – in fact, you may relate to this.  We’re working on a website overhaul for the Tools For Real Estate site and since we didn’t expect it to take too long we unofficially put some other things (aka, blog posting) on hold until we got the big push over with.

Big mistake!

So here’s the thing:  I see real estate agents do this kind of thing all the time!  Usually it takes the form of ‘waiting until my website is done/ordered’ or “needing to organize my database’ before implementing a business improvement like a new marketing push.

Worse, this mindset frequently causes us to skip smaller, more mundane but extremely important tasks that need to happen consistently, like calling previous clients to touch base or sending out complimentary market analyses.

Zig Ziglar tells us that it’s the little things we do every day that determine our success, and everything I’ve seen proves him to be right.  With that in mind, I’m ‘coming clean’ here about my posting flub-up in the hopes that at least one person will remember, the next time they’re tempted to throw all their energy into one big project, that the big danger lies in neglecting the little things.

(And time flies!)  Three weeks already since my last post.  I’m going to try to recoup some of it.  Here goes. 🙂

Irene Nash

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